Youth Exchange “Putting good health on the menu” – Greece

Since it is more than hard to reach Pelion by using the local means of transportation, our plan is to settle one meeting point with all participants in order to have a private bus which will bring all the groups to the chosen hotel. For this, please when you choose your participants, help them to buy tickets for arriving to Athens in the morning of 20/2. For the exact meeting point and the time of that, we will let you know after we book the private bus. Surely, it will be after 14:00 20/2/2017. The same applies for the departure flights, this means that their flights have to leave from Athen’s airport after lunch time of 27/2/2017 since we will depart all together from Pelion at the earliest possible.

check flights from and to Athen’s airport
Arrival tickets: before 12:00 20/2/2017
Departure tickets: after 15:00 27/2/2017

Travel costs limit:
Portugal : 270 euro

Project’s activities:
Since project’s topic will be about nutrition, we wanted to give the most creative workshops possible as far as nutritional facts are concerned. For this, we decided the following:
1)We will have national cooking groups during the activities which will be asked to cook with foods which we will provide to them.
2)We reserved a complex of studios for the YE so that we have plenty of outdoor-indoor creative/ group building activities.
The timetable of the exchange will be shared in this group as soon as possible.
Putting good health on the menu
To know more about the project read the info pack: (soon)
If you want to participate fill the application form: Application form
Lista de participantes selecionados: (5 participantes + 1 líder)

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