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Adamastor – Associação Cultural

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Adamastor – Associação Cultural



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28 January 2005

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Rua Cônsul Arístides Sousa Mendes



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+351 232 413 432

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Youth Association Non Profit

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Is the partner organization a non-profit?


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European Solidarity Corps


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Adamastor was founded on January 28, 2005 and arises from the desire of a group of young people interested in the integration, help and European cooperation with the ultimate goal of working with young people through a support structure and support placements, learning different languages, training of new professional figures to bring innovation to the region of Viseu and improving the knowledge of the European labor system enhancing multilingualism and intercultural dialogue. 

In Adamastor we can not perceive the personal and social development without knowing, feeling and living other social and cultural realities of the different countries of the European Union. This line of action, Adamastor is working with European projects, having already enabled hundreds of people in an international experience abroad. Being a part in non-formal education experiences abroad for young, gives them more confidence, inspires them the need to seek new initiatives, foster entrepreneurship and a broader market view. All these actions enrich the business fabric of our region and provide local SME greater potential and ability to internationalize. Taking into account the statutes, we believe that this project will be an asset to allow an exchange of broader experiences pouring the borders of the European Union. 

We intend thereby fostering cooperation between youth organizations worldwide, with the theme promoting exchange of best practices, but across recognize the local level the potential of rural areas valuing the territories and discovering new form of employment for  young . We intend to make this project especially in Local act but thinking Global.

Adamastor works mainly with the mobility of young people, youth workers, association leaders among others, by the Community and third countries in order to promote formal, non-formal and informal volunteering, vocational and career guidance, training in the work, career management, the artistic nature of activities, cultural and scientific , technical and professional expertise , in order to encourage and support the integration of young people in society and the labor market; 

We also develop and promote activities with educational, scientific, interventional and support in the areas of Education and Training, Culture, Art, European Voluntary and Local Human Rights, Environment, Sport, Cooperation and Exchange, Health Risk Behaviors Prevention, combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, Active Citizenship, Civic Participation, Youth Policies, Intergenerational Solidarity; Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities; Training and Employment; European Affairs; Territorial and Rural animation.

Our mission is to foster youth with a democratic consciousness , free and participatory in order to promote a society committed to strengthening human relations through institutional cooperation. Our activities are based in the promotion of awareness in the dimension of European reality in the strengthening of international relations by hosting foreign students and their interaction with local authorities.

We want to strive youth meetings and other members of local, national and international community as a way of strengthening social relations to promote discussion and debate within the equal opportunities, gender equality, non-discrimination, non-violence, inclusion of people with fewer opportunities, protection and conservation of the physical and intangible heritage, sustainable tourism and social capital.

Adamastor own a Youth International Hostel (Pousada de Juventude de Viseu), in Viseu, that supports the organization on the european programs providing the accommodation for the participants. At the same time is a training center for the youngsters and VET, providing job-shadowing and trainings. The Pousada da Juventude de Viseu, is in the Portuguese route of Santiago. Viseu is considerated the best city for living in Portugal. Adamastor/Pousada da Juventude is partner of vocational schools/universities/vet centers/ in the center region of Portugal receiving hundred of youngsters every year for training.  Adamastor is also responsible of the Youth Center of the city, provinding information, activities, trainings, opportunities to the youngsters of Viseu, this center is a result of a partnership in the field of youth between Adamastor and the Municipality of Viseu.

The Adamastor staff ensures continuous training both in terms of quality for the definition of guidelines and planning in the medium and long term, and in terms of ensuring a standard quality management and efficient organization for the activity in which it is involved. Experienced professionals and formal/non formal education trainers or youth workers with long term experience in the field and highly qualified professionalism in the VET and the EU projects management.

The team is solid and multitasked (Law, Social Work, Psicology, Social Education, Multimedia…) and has a high level of expertise within the framework of the European Union project management.


Hugo Ribeiro:

  • Hugo Ribeiro has a degree in Law, Post-Degree in Penal and Criminal Investigation. Later he obtained a specialization in Human Resources Management as well as Coaching, Mentoring and Guidance for young people, Trainer of Trainers (in Pedagogical Competences), Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator, Trainer from SALTO YOUTH (TOT) and Trainer in the pool of Trainers of the Portuguese Erasmus+ National Agency. Founder of Adamastor currently he is the President and CEO of the organization. Actually is responsible of the Youth Policies for the Municipality of Viseu and Director of the European Youth Store Viseu (youth center), an Eurodesk Multiplier and the coordinator in the district of Viseu for the Street Football (Futebol de Rua) known as Homeless Cup.

Ana Lopes:

  • Ana Lopes, has a degree in Social Work, and already has experience working with youngsters and families at risk. She is very active within the youth policies and is committed with the social causes. Certified as Trainer by the Portuguese Erasmus+ National Agency and Portuguese Youth Council. At this moment she is attending a Master degree in Human Resources Management. In Adamastor she is project manager and responsible of Human Resources Department.

Joana Ferreira:

  • Joana Ferreira has a master degree in Psychology of Organizations, Social and Work. She have experience in the Erasmus programme, since she was volunteer in Romania and Erasmus Student in Poland, during the years she did some training courses and youth exchanges as a facilitator. She is a communicative, attentive and easy-going person in different contexts. She is organized, independent and motivated. In Adamastor one of her roles is to be the coordinator of the european solidarity corps/volunteering.

Dário Gomes:

  • Dário Gomes is graduated in Social Education, he considers himself a dynamic, resilient young man who adapts easily to any context. It intends that its work can be an added value to young people, thus contributing to the construction of a more just, reflective and egalitarian society. He is working in the Espaço de Juventude Fontelo, the youth center of the city in co-management between the Municipality of Viseu and Adamastor. Actually he is in charge of the structured dialogue that aims to boost young people’s involvement in the democratic process by ensuring that their voices and opinions count!

Ana Barros:

  • Born in Vigo (Spain), but half Portuguese too, she is Diplomate in Business Administration. Participating in Youth Exchanges Erasmus+ projects she discovers the possibilities that the UE programs offer for the personal and professional development of young people. After her European Volunteer Service in Romania she decided to start a new way of life working as a youth worker coordinating European Solidarity Corps projects. Nowadays, she is working as a tutor for the international volunteers in Adamastor Association, where carry out activities in the Youth Center Fontelo using non-formal education methodologies.
Programme or InitiativeIdentification/contract numberTitle of the ProjectProject impact and achievements
Erasmus + / KA 1/ Youth Exchanges2015-1-PT02-KA105-002209ECO ECO-EUROPA
Erasmus + / KA2 / Strategic Partnership2015-2-RO01-KA205-015405Social enterprises calling young people for solving problems of the communities 
Erasmus + / KA1 / European Voluntary Service2015-2-PT02-KA105-002445HAPPY 
Erasmus + / KA1 / European Voluntary Service2015-3-PT02-KA105-002866Quadrante 
Erasmus + / KA1 / European Voluntary Service2016-1-PT02-KA105-003215Abraço 
Erasmus + / KA1 / European Voluntary Service2016-1-PT02-KA105-003318Astrolábio 
Erasmus + / KA2 / Strategic Partnership2016-3-PT02-KA205-003827Improving Youth Employment Trough Volunteering Across Europe 
Erasmus + / KA2 / Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education2017-1-IT02- KA204-036811DiSi – Digital Innovation for Social Inclusion 
Erasmus + / KA 1/ Mobility of Youth Workers / Youth Exchanges2017-1-PT02-KA105-004108SIM Strategies for Inclusion of Communities of Migrants and Refugees
Erasmus + / KA1 / European Voluntary Service2017-1-PT02-KA105-004252Viseu Jovem 
Erasmus + / KA 1/ Mobility of Youth Workers / Youth Exchanges2017-3-PT02-KA105-004683GLAD Globalizing the Local, Localizing the Global
Erasmus + / KA1 / European Voluntary Service2017-2-PT02-KA105-004526CoDiFy Creating Opportunities for Youth
Erasmus + / KA1 / European Voluntary Service2017-3-PT02-KA105-004849Viseu Jovem 2.0 
Erasmus + / KA1 / European Voluntary Service2018-2-PT02-KA125-005405Viseu Jovem 3.0 
Erasmus + / KA 1/ Mobility of Youth Workers / Youth Exchanges2019-3-PT02-KA105-006487Local Youth Goals