Youth Exchange “Picture’s up” – Poland

The Picture’s Up project was created to give participants the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in the use of film and the theater to convey message. We want this project to encourage young people to become interested in art and to find new, creative ways to use it. In order to achieve this, participants will take part in many activities that will enable them to let go of their imagination. Together, among others, we will make films and perform theater plays. In addition, an important aspect of the exchange will be getting the knowledge of the history of all partner countries about the theater, cinema and the censorship and propaganda that was applied there. Each of us will be able to participate actively and will have an equal contribution to the course of the exchange. The exchange will involve 40 people from eight European Union countries: Poland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and France.

• You will gain knowledge about the history of cinematography of the partner countries.
• You will find out how propaganda systems functioned in the countries participating in the project.
• You will have the opportunity to meet interesting and creative young people from different parts of Europe.
• You will make a joint youth project with us.
• You will learn new skills like: planning the activities, working in an international group, presenting yourself.

To know more about the project read the info pack: Info pack “Picture’s up”

If you want to participate fill the application form: application form

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